Amy Smith
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INPULSE has great admiration for MIT's D-Lab program.  The D-Lab program, founded by Amy Smith, introduces students to technological, social, and economic problems of the developing world.  Based on these problems, students theorize and create sustainable solutions for new and ongoing projects.  She also co-founded the MIT IDEAS Competition where teams of student engineers design projects focused on improving the existing conditions of the developing world.  We are big fans of the initiative Amy Smith and her team have started and have met with D-Lab team members several times to discuss the building of a shared platform for their project database.  This platform would allow D-Lab to connect with international organizations and social entrepreneurs quickly and easily.  Even though Amy does not regard herself as much of a computer person, she sees the importance of accelerating the interactions between D-Lab and large bureaucratic institutions.  If these issues go unresolved, they often lead to the stagnation of any collaborative efforts.