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Lucio and Saurabh began collaborating in July 2011 and have since had meetings with more than 1000 people from organizations like the World Bank, IMF, the White House, the U.S. Department of State, Harvard, MIT, Boston University,  as well as social entrepreneurs,  and intellectuals in Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco.

They have engaged more than 10,000 minutes of phone calls, 1000 texts per month, over 50 gigabites of files, designed 10 websites, spent more than $ 20,000 of their own money, all dedicated to the design of the INPULSE Knowledge platform. This has been Lucio’s sole endeavor since January, 2011 and Saurabh is a consultant with the World Bank. INPULSE is the result of an initiative dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge freedom for the world.


Washington, D.C., June 2011

Based on Tom Balbo's advice, Lucio presented StudyStream to the World Bank Institute (WBI) in June 2011. Naureen Aziz, Reforms Secretariat, set up 5 appointments with communications specialist including Alexis, project manager and Alcantara from the Knowledge Sharing Unit of the World Bank Institute (WBI).  Naureen also introduced Lucio to Busayo Odunalmi, a young consultant at the World Bank. Upon learning about StudyStream, Busayo wanted to introduce Lucio to Saurabh.  As Busayo was mentioning Saurabh to Lucio, Saurabh was walking down the street right then outside of the World Bank head quaters.  Later that day, Tom, Busayo, Saurabh & Lucio had a meeting on the 6th floor of the WBI building, Saurabh and Lucio shared their visions about the future of information systems.  This lead to setting up a meeting in San Francisco in July 2011. 


San Francisco, July 2011

Lucio was uncertain if he would actually meet with Saurabh. While waiting in the Presidio to meet Saurabh, it became clear that Lucio would need to do whatever it takes to make his visions come true.  This confidence sparked Lucio to engage Saurabh about the importance of their collaboration and this marked the beginning stages of INPULSE. 

Washington DC, October 2011

Saurabh and Lucio set meetings with David Green, an angel investor in Washington DC, Coolidge, and a web developer and civil rights activist, Stan Salett.  Although friendly to the cause, they did not get the bigger picture. In the last week of a long month, Saurabh and Lucio realized that the crucial issue was the information retrieval tools for the web. 

Boston, January 2012

When Saurabh visited in January, Lucio impressed upon him that it was imperative to incorporate INPULSE, and so it was done.  During Saurabh's visit, Lucio and Saurabh spoke with Howard Gardner on the transparency of information on the Internet, in particular, about Google.

Howard Gardner

Lucio and the INPULSE team engaged and partecipated at events with technology and intellectual people in Cambridge including Pavel khodorkovsky (CEO, Institute of Modern Russia), Bill Mydlowec (Discovery Engine CEO)  Dries Buytaert (founder of Drupal), Rem koolhaas (Architect, Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design ), Robin Chase (co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar). Joy Ito (Director of the MIT Media Lab) and Noam Chomsky. 

Pavel khodorkovsky

Rem Koolhaas

Robin Chase

Joi Ito

Noam Chomsky

Lucio opened a conversation with the D-Lab group at MIT including it’s founder Amy Smith.

Amy Smith

Lucio also interacted with Adam Harris of SpaceX, Tony Wagner from the Harvard School of Education, and Todd Park, the CTO of the White House, at the keynote of the MIT's 100K award ceremony.  

David Gergen

He partecipated at the seminars conducted by David Gergen at the Harvard Kennedy School of Goverment, where he met several guest speakers including Eric Greitens (CEO, The Mission Continues). 

Eric Greitens

In january 2012 Lucio founded the INPULSE leadership program, created to encourage more incoming international professionals and students to partecipate in development initiatives.  He brought together a team of mentors and advisers to start this mission in Boston.  At this point, Caleb Cliff teamed up with INPULSE as strategist and mentor to the leadership program.  

Washington DC, December 2011

On December 16th, 2011, as Saurabh was heading to the cafeteria, President Zoellick was returning to his office to have his lunch there. Saurabh preceded to walk with him and reveal that he is the “kid” who wrote that paper the President had recently distributed to all the finance ministers at the spring meeting. Suarabh went on to talk about ideas on search. As they approached the elevator, President Zoellick put out his had to hold the elevator doors open and gestured to Saurabh, “come on in.” Suarabh was on his way to the Presidents’ office on the 12thFloor. They spoke briefly about the platform INPULSE was developing and he told his assistant to get Saurabh’s contacts since he was without any business cards or materials.  

Literally, the same day Saurabh received an email from Charles Schueller, Manager of Information Management Systems, as requested by the CIO, to look into things Saurabh had shared with President Zoellick about search platform. The next week, Saurabh met with Charles and Rajan Bharadwaj also joined. Saurabh spoke to them right before Christmas of 2011 and they requested more information. Saurabh was also introduced to Raman (Uttandaraman Pugalumperumal), the information officer leading the search program in IMT at the Bank. When Saurabh was also introduced to Anirudha Dasgupta and Matt (Reforms Secretariat) to which he presented the INPULSE solution.


Washington DC, January - March 2012

On 4th January 2012, Saurabh met with Abha Joshi-Ghani, Manager for the Urban Department at the World bank and Dennis Linders from the Urban Anchor to present the INPULSE solution and the Studystream platform. INPULSE has remained in touch with the Urban Knowledge Collaboration and has received a reply to a usability questionnaire.

On February 12th, 2012, Saurabh attended a department meeting at 9am where the WB Trade Department Manager, Mona Haddad and Director, Bernard Hoekman were talking to the department. They mentioned about their several knowledge management issues they were facing. After the meeting, Saurabh walked with Mona and explained how he has been working toward a solution for these organizational problems. She suggested to set up a presentation for Bernard, Mona and Marijn Verhoeven who is  from PREM VPU and leading the knowledge agenda for the World Bank.

On Feburary 18, 2012, Saurabh presented the INPULSE solution to Bernard, Mona and Marijn. Marijn was excited to see the working technology and wished he had heard about it earlier! So Saurabh and Marijn kept in touch, sharing in detail, the vision for the product and how to achieve it.  Lucio and Saurabh also met with Bob Vicas, an ex-Wall Street investor turned angel investor. They shared ideas about how the education system can be fixed with the INPULSE solution. 

In mid April, Lucio and Saurabh presented to Raman from IMT and Marijn.  Ritin Singh, Senior Telecommunication and ICT Specialist with the World Bank also joined the meeting. Ritin has been very supportive and provided his advice in terms of business and procurement matters. Meanwhile Saurabh has been in touch with Sanjay Pradhan, VP of WBI.

Saurabh and Lucio have been in constant touch with Marijn over the Knowledge management solutions. On May 18th, 2012, Saurabh met with Marijn where Mukesh Chawla, the Manger for Health and had a meeting with Christian Eigen-Zuchi, Advisor to the Managing Director, Mr. Mahmoud Mohieldin.

He mentioned that there is a big need for a knowledge management solution to the confusion of information chaos. Aniruddha Disgaputa (Ani), Director of Reforms Secretariat, Operational Policy Country Research Services (OPCRS) and Andrei Tolstopiatenko, Colloboration Program, Reform Secretariat have also been kept in the INPULSE circle.  Lucio and Saurabh left talking about how they want to work with only people who want to change the world for good.

Boston, May 2012

The INPULSE Team was at the Harvard Kennedy School to meet up with researchers from the Center for International Development (CID). Lucio, Saurabh, Caleb and Tom see a great value to engaging the intellectual community of the premier government and policy institution. As governments and international organizations aim to facilitate greater interconnection with the great thinkers of the world, youth and general citizens, the interplay of such premier institutions and their leaders becomes pivotal to this social change.

 Lucio met Walter Issacson (CEO, The Aspen Institute) at the presentation of the Steve Jobs Biography and gave him a paper copy of this INPULSE story.

Walter Issacson

Washington July 2012

The all INPULSE team met again at the World Bank and started the dialogue with several NGOs including, Ashoka, CDC develoment solution and a visit to the college of Ms Fulbright.

 Harriet Mayor Fulbright

Boston September 2012

Michael Sandel

Graham Allison

John McClelland 

Danese Cooper and Silona Bonewald

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