Noam Chomsky
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INPULSE’s high esteem of Noam Chomsky has prompted us to attend several of his speeches and conferences. His thoughts on political and social issues inspire the way in which we develop our community. We have always been focused on starting a movement around a vision rather than a business model. Since its inception, the INPULSE team has centered its attention on the matter of knowledge accumulation and education.  Chomsky has said that the purpose of education is, “to help people to determine how to learn on their own.”  If someone has been taught to solely pass a test and not to make creative inquiries toward enlightenment as well, then this education has failed.  The purpose of all knowledge is to produce the capability of, “using your imagination freely at your own impulse.” (in the video at 5:16) Technology, like a hammer, is a neutral tool.  A hammer is indifferent when being used to either build a house or crush a person's skull.  Unless you know what you are looking for, exploring the Internet is merely picking out random unconnected facts that have no deeper meaning to you.