Robin Chase
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Open-source systems and excess capacity have each been a passion for us at INPULSE and drove Lucio to speak with Robin Chase, former CEO of Zipcar and current CEO of Buzzcar.  Robin and Lucio discussed how the sharing concept used by Buzzcar could be transferred to the web development environment.  "How much easier would it be if young entrepreneurs did not have to suffer through singularly building a platform for communicating and sharing their ideas, and instead dedicating their time to only building their product," Lucio said.  Robin responded that, "For a shared platformintuitive to use, aesthetically pleasing, and the user only pays for what they use—are the critical pieces to the anatomy of sharing". Lucio continued that a shared web platform could combine two of most expensive assets of a start-up company.  Namely, the several hours of design and the software implementation required to build a website that connects them with the right audience. 

A shared web-based platform, using open-source technology, can take on the excess capacity found on-line throughout content management, social networking, recommendation features, and graphics that have already been created and implemented by the open-source community.  This open-network of collaborative innovation accelerates the implementation of the web technology and leaves more space for creative flux and output.