Walter Issacson
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As I met Walter Issacson, author of the recent Steve Jobs biography, I asked, "What are you writing your next book about?"  He immediately shot back, "About the future of the Internet and technology".  Then I asked more about Jobs' interests in architecture and I mentioned my favorite piece of the book, the part about the "Pietra Serena."  He said that Jobs was fascinated by Italian and Bauhaus designers.  I said, "Gropius?"  Walter, "Yes, and Mies".  I asked him what it was that attracted Jobs to Italian design.  He said, "Steve loved the lines and colors but also the cars, because of his father."  I said, "But he never bought a Ferrari did he?!"  Walter smiled. He carried on saying that Jobs would have probably liked to build an Apple car, but that he never made it to that point. I mentioned Elon Musk and Tesla, and Walter enthusiastically exclaimed, "Oh yes." I had one more thing to ask him, "What about the shape of the new Apple headquarters?"  Walter briefly explained that, "Initially Mr. Son sketched a building plan that resembled male genitalia. [I felt that that was probably Jobs' comment.] So Steve redrew it with a simple linear design, just a clean circle." I wondered aloud if the Apple administration may actually build it, and he answered, "It would be a sacrilege if the Apple administration did not build the last vision of Steve Jobs."