GroupPic App: A Gates Fundation Prize
Saturday, September 29, 2012 - 9:00am - Sunday, September 30, 2012 - 6:00pm
Cambridge, Microsoft NERD Center
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INPULSE is excited to announce the winning entry of GroupPic at the SLC camp. GroupPic team was leaded by INPULSE CEO Lucio Campanelli. 

GroupPic App description:

With GroupPic, teachers will be able to select the criteria they want to create groups for multiple projects in an easy, user-friendly environment. GroupPic will show the students that meet the selected criteria and the teacher will be able to drag their names to the desired group.

GroupPic App Story

September 29th 2012 we partecipated in the event organized by SLC and funded bBill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Sunday September 30th we launched our app called "GroupPic." We won the competition and $2000. The App was built in two days. Cool! Isn't it?  

Eric, Sook, Dee, Jeff and Ana working at the GroupPic App

Lucio presenting GroupPic App

Sookyoung presenting GroupPic App

The Judges

The App mastermind 

 Our first interview

 If you want to compete keep an eye on this guy! :)

Danese Cooper ( Gates fundation) and Silona Bonewald

Lucio, Danese, Silona and Sook

VIDEO of the interview with Lucio and Caleb