Urban-Knowledge Platform
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The Urban and Local Government Unit of the World Bank is collaborating with INPULSE to explore and implement the use of an innovative new technology and knowledge services to support the Urbanization Knowledge Platform (UrbKP).  The UrbKP’s mission is to put the world’s best knowledge and innovations into the hands of urban practitioners, policymakers, and related researchers. The cooperation between the World Bank and INPULSE is intended to advance this ambitious mission by enabling the UrbKP to leverage outside innovations.

The World Bank has an abundance of information regarding changes in urban society on its current site, and can benefit by focusing on end-user experience. The UrbKP is exploring with INPULSE a pilot design to more effectively share and manage urban knowledge across their network of partners and practitioners.  As a first step, INPULSE is aggregating blogs, news, and other content from the current site.  Next, we are applying the latest knowledge management technology and design (intelligent tagging, personalized search, and context-based discovery) to better “make sense” of the World Bank’s vast stock of urban knowledge. 

Ultimately, this will help facilitate a global community of practice around the transformative topic of urbanization through online interactivity.  The UrbKP aims to lead the way in realizing the vision of an open “Knowledge Bank.” The end user of the knowledge platform will be the World Bank staff, practitioners, researchers and students with the purpose to facilitate, 1) Connections (in person and virtual meetings) 2) Open Knowledge (co-creation and curation) and 3) Open Data (benchmarking and open access). This collaboration is intended to be a vehicle for advancing the Bank’s open knowledge agenda and for convening urban stakeholders at global forums to catalyze collective action, learn from one another, and address critical knowledge gaps.

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