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We started a conversation with MIT about how to better disseminate their initiatives to international organizations with particular interest in accelerating the knowledge exchange between MIT, public sector and social innovators. 

We are working on a web portal to support the open data initiative emerging from organizations like the  international community of practice supported by the World Bank and the academic environments. The pilot will be based on the analysis of ten development topics as identified by the World Bank and a web platform will allow practitioners and researchers to filter, map, export, and add to the data in order to increment the communication.

One of the toughest problems facing the international development community of innovation is that without a precedent for this kind of analysis, it’s not clear what data is most relevant to collect, or even how many relevant programs may exist.  Our initial goal is to develop a platform that would help this community refine their data management as they continue to work  and continuously broadcast knowledge from different sources.