Partnership League for Africa’s Development Solar Panel Project
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PLAD-INPULSE:  2013 Liberia Solar Panel Project 


After a prolonged war and economic destruction, Liberia has become stable but a lot remains to be done especially, in education and transfer of technology. PLAD and Inpulse are putting together two workshops in two selected villages on solar panel installation. The objective is to provide electricity in the schools and homes of the most vulnerable segment of the society to enable their children to do their home works at night.  As inclusive economic institutions help pave the way to two of the most important engines of growth (technology and education), it is our hope to help facilitate the education of the younger generations while contributing to the dissemination of technology. We therefore believe that the transfer of the solar technology through education and hands-on training will enhance the skills of the workers and enable them to disseminate their acquired knowledge quickly throughout Liberia. 

Description of the project   

PLAD and INPULSE will pioneer solar energy as a “village enterprise”  making use of the world’s most affordable solar cells (also by using those that are rejected by major manufacturers) to do low-tech assembly of solar panels on the spot. Our long term goal is to build capacity and assemble dozens of panels per year and reach a total of 10 kilowatts per year in Liberia. 

The first part of this project will be developed through a series of workshops based around the concept of on “hands-on” experience. We will bring to Liberia the raw material that cannot be bought there and we will train the people to build their own power source in the village. 

As an example, we will deck out one house with the technologies and processes taught in our workshops, including solar panels, solar thermal hot water, and rain water catchments. 

Our ultimate goal will be to share our knowledge and skills to Liberian younger generations, and not only create a power source for the village but also foster dignity and justice, increment low tech innovation, build capacity, strengthen entrepreneurship skills, and by doing so, creating new jobs and connecting Liberia with the rest of the world.  

Our mission is to bring together people around solar power, create practitioners, and foster the proliferation of new startups and organizations in Liberia. Thus, train the local people on inventing their own future, brand and business on the spot. 

Description of the workshops (7 days, 6 workshops) MAY 2013:   

1) How to install a Solar panel to light up at least a single light bulb in your home or a class room,  and the value of sharing this technology with your neighbors other villages, and towns.  

2) How to start a Solar Panel Assembly workshop   

3) How to assemble a Solar module in your area  

4) Solar Oven Assembly Workshop   

5) How to light up the entire village   

Team and Partner: 

Project Leader:Binta Terrier, PLAD CEO,

Project coordinator: Lucio Campanelli INPULSE, CEO  

Technology senior coach: Richard Komp, CEO Skyheat,

Technology and project advisor:  Sajed Kamal,  Adjunct Lecturer and researcher international sustainable energy and technology at Brandeis  



About PLAD :

Partnership League for Africa’s Development (PLAD) is a grassroots organization of Africans (anyone born in Africa or descendent of an African) and friends of Africa worldwide. We believe that human rights issues can be best addressed through improving social development: good governance, rule of law and democracy. Education, health and agriculture is the cornerstone of our strategy to tackle the human rights issues for peace, democracy and inclusive growth to prevail. We will achieve these objectives by reaching out to the African Diaspora, friends of Africa worldwide, and through partnership with organizations, associations or entities that are working in these areas. PLAD will not duplicate the services provided by other existing organizations. It will seek to maximize the coordination and synergy among the various organizations to help boost their achievements and successes. In this context, we are appealing to the African Diaspora and friends of Africa to come together and better coordinate our efforts for a faster, stronger and sustainable economic and other social development in Africa.