World Bank Citizen feedback platform
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The World Bank citizen platform is an online tool to improve the knowledge exchange between the World Bank and the common citizen. The platform was designed to be easily adapted to both computers and mobile devices so that the World Bank’s information is highly accessible to the public. INPULSE’s goal is to take the information stored in the World Bank’s extensive database and transform it into an engaging website that supports a transparent framework particularly for citizens, and all other users surrounding World Bank projects and initiatives.  

The World Bank provides essential support to people working with civil society and realized long ago that public access to their solutions would increase their leverage. Yet without a clear way to display and communicate the paths of this information, the public cannot interact with it appropriately.


Our knowledge platform was designed to be a simple tool enabling users to identify the most pertinent issues and to quickly share feedback with the World Bank and its partners.  This is an on-going project that will help us to better understand the needs of both the World Bank and the citizens directly affected by their initiatives.