World Bank PREM Network Platform
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The World Bank’s PREM Network is made up of hundreds of people working around the world. They needed a way to communicate that was accessible and easy for everyone to use from any location. We are designing a web-based knowledge management platform to help their team communicate with each other and collaborate on projects, topics, and specific outreach.

INPULSE is launching a new knowledge-based technology that provides critical support to the PREM VPU, Networks and IMT. This technology will be the foundation for the building of a personalized user experience that improves the browsing and cataloging of the World Bank’s knowledge data set. Re-designing the front end of the current intranet will enhance user access to knowledge, create a more effective navigational architecture of the entire PREM Network website, and simplify employee management and engagement.

Emulating a smartphone interface, the INPULSE intranet experience will provide one-click access to information and analytics, and will optimize the interface for mobile devices as well. To accommodate PREM's rapid expansion of knowledge, the portal will also feature a sophisticated semantic search tool and self-service components allowing the upload of new data from any where in the world. Additionally, we will build off the World Bank’s knowledge management platform so that it can be easily replicated and used by other World Bank teams with little extra work.