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Nikhil Dubbaka


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Nikhil is a senior developer and open source software expert at INPULSE. His work focuses on improving web development processes, backend implementation and maintenance. Nikhil makes sure our projects and products are designed to last, and in the spirit of the open source community. This perspective is key to both taking care of our clients and helping build active user oriented projects.

Nikhil has a powerful sense for clean backend infrastructure and development which he implements for INPULSE.  Also, as an Administrative Web Service consultant at Harvard University, he helps with a a wide range of strategies toward the adoption of open source software for large academic institutions. 

Prior to joining our team Nikhil was an application developer and senior software system engineer at Verizon. Nikhil worked on VCommons, a Drupal Enterprise 2.0 Social Networking platform for Verizon employees. He is fluent in JavaScript, PHP, and Objective-C which helped him to create several apps for the iPhone and facebook and add-ons for Firefox and linux. 

Nickhil received his Master of Science in Electrical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a BS in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. He’s been hacking Linux since he was in high school in India and actively trying to make the world smarter through open source projects.