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Saurabh takes care of INPULSE's organizational health, with particular emphasis on financial, human capital, relationship cultivation, and talent scouting. Known for his visionary leadership and infectious enthusiasm, he seeks to create deeper partner relationships, stronger financial performance, and a global company culture that fosters innovation and excellence.

Saurabh's other engagements are serving as a consultant to the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF) on operational and research matters related to international and development economics. He regularly writes and presents on a wide range of topics including technology, trade, structural transformation, inclusive growth, poverty reduction, social development, public finance and macroeconomic policy. Prior to co-founding INPULSE, he worked as an economist with South Asia PREM, International Trade Department, Chief Economist Office Europe and Central Asia, and the Open Government Initiative at the World Bank Institute. He has also been a consultant to the International Monetary Fund’s Research and Africa Department, as well as the Agriculture and Commodities Division of the World Trade Organization during the Doha Round of Trade Negotiations. During his career, he has published widely and his work has been cited extensively including the Economist, Financial Times and leading news agencies around the world. 

A creative thinker and technology enthusiast from his earliest years, Saurabh has always been working toward knowledge architecture to empower people by facilitating greater social awareness. Saurabh holds a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Applied Economics and Finance from the University of California, Santa Cruz. When night falls, he becomes a songwriter and composer, and often can be seen performing rock shows at local DC and NorCal venues or collaborating with other artists in the studio.