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Caleb Cliff


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Caleb is a key strategist and project manager, assisting to the development and content creation for INPULSE's research and technology. He oversees numerous development projects and helps to coalesce the greater network by establishing collaborative relationships with several pivotal players who contribute to local and international development.

Caleb's past marketing and strategy experience bring unique expertise to the INPULSE team. Before joining INPULSE, at Warner Music Publishing, he was Manager, Strategic Marketing working on large scale branding campaigns with a diverse set of actors within the company and with major ad agencies around the world.  Just prior to this, Caleb was Director of Music Supervision and Contract Negotiation at Production Advisors in New York.  In this position, he worked closely as mediator between music labels, music publishers, ad agencies and the artist representation to negotiate contracts for national and international ad campaigns.  Both positions required the cooperation of much larger networks where he was often guiding the cooperation and facilitating the actions and relationships necessary to finalize deals.  

He also heads a creative leadership program for promising innovators with a focus on developing more adaptive problem solving skills and information exploration.  He received his BA in music composition from Bard College and a masters in customized music interventions at Lesley University.